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Karen Poole, Therapist, London
Professional London Therapist | The Importance of Good Nutrition
Karen Poole, Nutritionist, London

Nothing could be more true than saying 'we are what we eat'. Our moods, energy levels, concentration and the ability to fight disease - in fact almost every facet of what makes us 'us' can be linked to some extent to our diet.

In our modern world we have swapped one set of dietary problems for others. None of us are likely to starve in the western world but a poor diet still takes its toll in various forms. For instance, obesity may soon overtake smoking as the number one preventable health risk. Diabetes, heart disease and many cancers can be linked to diet and more people than ever have food allergies and intolerances.

The food industry and the media give us mixed messages on what foods are beneficial for us. It's hardly surprising that in this confusing and intimidating environment, so many of us find it difficult to create an enjoyable, balanced and healthy eating plan for ourselves. Yet it can be easy, with the right professional help, to make positive changes. Expert knowledge of and insight into the best diet for our individual needs, can make a real difference to our health, how we feel, and how we perform in our daily life.

How good nutrition can help

Diet and lifestyle changes can prove helpful for conditions including Obesity, PMS, IBS, Anxiety and High cholesterol. It can also play a part preparing you for a positive event such as pregnancy, aiding weight loss for a holiday, planning for an active retirement or helping to embrace the menopause. Taking control of your health through nutrition needn't be overwhelming, the aim is always to lighten the load.

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How nutritional therapy works

You are the pivotal focus of the whole process. Understanding what is currently going on with you in your world is the main objective. I will take into consideration the different elements of your physical and personal well-being and deliver the right practical help and direction. In short, introducing good nutritional practice into your everyday life to help solve ongoing issues and bring relief.

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Karen Poole, Nutritionist, London
Karen Poole, Nutritionist, London

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